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ACCESS of Wilmington

The overall mission of Accessible Coastal Carolina Events Sports and Services (ACCESS) is to not only provide an opportunity for those who have not yet had the chance to experience the power of play and the joy of sports but to also show the importance of inclusion within a community. Creating a place where people of all ages, races, and abilities can actively participate together, will naturally allow relationships to develop as people share interest. More importantly it is opening the door to a better world for everyone. ACCESS has developed a unique program that will soon be underway. The Miracle Field of Wilmington, which is an accessible baseball league that plays on a special rubberized turf playing surface. The program will have the necessary adaptive equipment that will allow comfort and safety to the active participant. As ACCESS expands, the amount of activities will broaden. Wheelchair sports, sailing and other water sports, fishing and hunting, exploring the arts, and any other recreational activities that are of interest to people in the community, will all be an option to explore and enjoy. Check out our recent interview with WHQR Public Radio. Click here to listen

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