• The Miracle League

  • The Miracle League
    341 South College Rd., Suite 11
    PMB 2019
    Wilmington, NC 28403


    For a map to the Miracle Field at Olsen Park, click here

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The Playground

Hello Miracle League fans! The blueprint below is to show you a very basic overview of Olsen Park and the location of The Miracle Field within the park. As you can see, the park will consist of five regular grass and dirt baseball/softball fields and one very special Miracle Field made of turf.

Click Below For Field Blueprints:

There is room to grow beyond the Miracle Field. There is room for accessible playgrounds, and other desired sports fields that are already in the future of the campaign.

<<Check out Pictures of the Playground>>

Our Playground:

Olsen Park is located off of Murrayville Rd. in Wilmington, NC . I hope you are able to in vision the opportunities that not only The Miracle Field will bring to Wilmington and the surrounding areas but also what Olsen Park in its entirety has to offer. It will be like no other park in Wilmington!